A Match Made in Heaven: Jewelry + Candle Pairings

A Match Made in Heaven: Jewelry + Candle Pairings

Are you a longtime fan of our jewelry but have not yet been acquainted with our candles? Read on to find the perfect candle to match your jewelry style.

 If you love the fresh, clean look of the Texture Collection try the bright, sweet, and clean scent of Morning Light.


If the fiery warmth of the Sol Necklace is your vibe try the warm and relaxing scent of Golden Hour.


If you love the natural, beachy feel of the Driftwood Collection try the slightly smoky, slightly sweet scent of Dusk.


If you love the earthy, mossy magic of the Terra Necklace try the warm, woody, and earthy scent of Midnight Forest.


If the sophisticated yet relaxed style of the Pearl Coin Earrings are your thing try the soft, cozy, and sophisticated scent of Cashmere

 Looking for more fragrances? Shop all of our candles here.

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