Making everyday moments special.

Hi, I'm Lauren, the founder of crescent & crow.

I have always dreamed of one day owning a boutique full of pretty little luxuries that make every day feel special. And in 2016, with the help of my husband Shea, I made that dream a reality.

Every candle, piece of jewelry, and each bottle perfume is thoughtfully crafted by me at my home studio in New Jersey using only high quality materials and ingredients. 

Make time for what's important.

At crescent & crow we believe in making everyday moments special by creating time and space for what is important to you.

Whether that's making time every night to light your favorite candle and cozy up with a good book, setting the tone for your day by choosing a mood boosting fragrance, or putting on a piece of jewelry that reminds you of a special place, person, or time in your life. These are a few of the things that make our days a bit more special.

What's important to me?

Designing, creating, and curating all of our products with the idea that they will bring a little bit of calm and coziness to your day.

I want every package that arrives at your door to look and feel like a luxurious gift, because you deserve to be spoiled.

 Welcome to crescent & crow. I'm so glad you're here!