December Favorites

December Favorites

Happy December!

This time of year I'm always torn between wanting to host or go to festive parties and hibernating at home cuddled up on the couch with a warm drink. So for this month's favorites I thought I would make a list for both scenarios.


Hosting Holiday Cocktails

  1. Comfort is key when it comes to hosting a party at you home. But, you don't have to sacrifice a fancy outfit in order to be comfy when you are wearing a suit made of stretch velvet! Try this blazer and these pants. Add this silk cami and your outfit is complete. My favorite look is the black velvet with the creamy white cami, but that red velvet sure would be festive!
  2. Top off your look with our pearl drop earrings and necklace for jewelry that is as comfortable to wear as it is elegant looking.
  3. I love the idea of a bar cart. Unfortunately we live in a small house with very little storage and needed to come up with a functional solution for storing all of our barware and accessories as well as bottles of liquor. But, if I had a bar cart, I would style it like this for the holidays. If you have a similar storage issue and want to create a "bar" of your own, we used this short cabinet stacked on top of this taller cabinet from Ikea. The top is perfect to fit all of our bottles and bar accessories and the taller bottom one has shelves to hold all of our wine and cocktail glasses.  
  4. Now we need a couple of cocktails to serve. I love this espresso martini and this spiced old fashioned. They are perfect for this time of year.
  5. Finish off your cozy cocktail party vibe with our Fireside candle. With notes of roasted chestnuts, cognac, dark rum, and charred vanilla, this scent was made for a cozy holiday party.

Hibernating at Home

  1. First you'll need a comfy outfit to wear. I love this set! It's perfect for lounging around but still feeling put together.
  2. And, if you're wanting to take that put together feeling a little further and add a few pieces of jewelry; our texture ring, cuff, and earrings are just to thing to finish off your lounging look. They are such lightweight and comfortable pieces you won't even know they're there. 
  3. If your day of hibernation includes a fun activity, I would suggest making this wreath. I've had a thing for wanting to make something with dried oranges and this wreath is just lovely.
  4. If you're looking to watch movies all day, you'll definitely need a warm blanket. This one is so soft and I love the wintery print.
  5. To warm up even more, you'll need a warm drink. This vanilla mocha hot chocolate sounds delightful.
  6. Of course we need to finish off the cozy atmosphere with a candle. And what could be better for the holiday season than one of our crackling wooden wick candles in Frosted Forest. With notes of juniper, fir balsam, pine wood, and crisp mountain air the scent is reminiscent of a walk in a snowy forest. But better, because you're home all warm and cozy under that cute blanket mentioned in #4😉. 

I hope you enjoy a fun, festive, and cozy month with family and friends. And, if you are looking for more ideas or are just a Pinterest addict like me these days - you can follow me here.

Happy Holidays! Talk to you soon!!!

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