Getting Cozy with Candles

Getting Cozy with Candles

Cozy season is here so I thought it would be fun to do a little roundup of some of my favorites for a relaxing night in.

Five Favorite Cozy Candles

  1. Cashmere - cashmere musk + tonka bean
  2. Golden Hour - warm amber + rose
  3. Warm & Cozy - maple cream + cinnamon 
  4. Amber Incense - sandalwood + amber spice
  5. Midnight Forest - warm woods + earth

 Everything Else You'll Need

  1. A soft pair of flannel pjs. These are my favorite, not only are they warm but they are lightweight as well. And don't forget the slippers!
  2. A warm blanket. This cute blanket comes in six colors. I'm torn between the rose and the green.
  3. A warm drink. This hot chocolate sounds delightful.
  4. Don't forget the snacks! Our go-to snack over here at crescent & crow headquarters (AKA The Nest😛) is popcorn. I wouldn't mind trying a few of these flavors.

All you need now is your favorite movie or a good book.

Stay cozy, friends. Talk to you soon!



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