Gift Guide: Libra Season

Gift Guide: Libra Season

Welcome to Libra season! This air sign ruled by Venus loves beauty and harmony. They are known to be peaceful, fair, balanced, and charming. 

Libra season is the perfect time to balance and beautify our lives. It's a time to think about what feels off, what isn't working, and what we can do to fix it.  

I chose all of the items below to help anyone who needs some of that beautiful Libra energy for themselves, as well as making great gifts for any special Libras in your life!


Elixir No.1

Appeal to Libra's romantic and beauty loving side with Elixir No.1 Botanical Perfume. With heart opening Rose absolute, balancing Patchouli, comforting Benzoin, and a touch of Black Pepper (to keep the negative vibes away) - Elixir No.1 has Libra written all over it.

Dusk Beaded Wrap

This sparkly beauty is not only gorgeous to wear, but will help bring balance, strength, and clarity - keeping you grounded to the earth. A combination of hematite, pyrite, and smoky quartz; the Dusk Beaded Wrap can help you sort through your thoughts and see what needs attention so you can allow yourself to find the opportunities needed to create the reality you want to live.

Pearl Coin Necklace 

Pearls are a symbol of wisdom and beauty. Wear your Pearl Coin Necklace as a constant reminder of the wisdom and beauty you hold within.


Black Magic & Dusk Candles

With notes of intoxicating black rose, plum, pink peppercorn, and labdanum our Black Magic Candle will transform your space into a heavenly rose garden.

If you're in need of some tranquility, the soft scent of our Dusk Candle will definitely do. With notes of sandalwood, smoke, incense, and vanilla amber, Dusk will help create the peaceful atmosphere you crave.

Happy Birthday Dear Libras!

xoxo, Lauren
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