MAKING SCENTS: All About Amber

MAKING SCENTS: All About Amber

I have been diving deeper into perfumery a lot more lately, and thought it would be fun to break down a single scent note rather than a whole perfume this month. For my first single note I chose amber because it is so widely known, yet there are so many versions, which could be a bit confusing to anyone buying fragrance online.

Amber is considered a fantasy note in perfumery, as it is not actually the fossilized resin of the same name, but a blend of ingredients that could include labdanum, benzoin, styrax, patchouli, and vanilla.

The scent can be warm, rich, resinous, powdery, leathery, sweet, or spicy; depending on the ingredients used to create the single scent note.

We love a good amber over here, and have a variety of fragrances featuring amber in its various scent profiles. To make it a bit easier for you I have listed each scent with the type of amber profile it includes.



If you ever have any questions regarding any of our fragrances, please reach out to me. I am always happy to help you.

Talk to you soon!



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