MAKING SCENTS - Fortune Teller

MAKING SCENTS - Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller is a deep, dark, and utterly divine fragrance that conjures images of a sophisticated seance in an old and very dramatically decorated mansion.

Think heavy velvet curtains, crystal chandeliers, and dark mahogany furniture in a hazy room filled with the sweet yet bitter scent of melting beeswax candles and swirling plumes of spicy incense smoke. 

Now that the scene is set, let's break down exactly what makes this intoxicating fragrance so, well, intoxicating, and how the candle and perfume oil have the same notes yet have slightly different aromas.

Let's start with the Fortune Teller candle.

Fortune Teller is a rich, warm fragrance with spicy notes of clove leaf and elemi, rich woods, sweet beeswax, and earthy patchouli and oakmoss, all blended with a hint of burnt matches and incense smoke. Sounds kind of weird, right? Trust me when I tell you it is gorgeous!

At first sniff you get an aroma of warm woods and spices. As it burns it tranforms into a deep, dark medley where the sweet beeswax starts to come into play and the smokiness really shines. (When I say smokiness, think more subtle like dry ash - not like campfire or fireplace.)

So how does this mysteriously smokey smell translate into a perfume? The answer is gloriously. Let's get into the Fortune Teller Perfume Oil...

When you first roll on your Fortune Teller perfume you are met with a smokey honey fragrance that dries down into a soft, warm woody smoke fragrance.  

After about ten minutes or so, when the oil settles into your skin, you are left with a most intoxicating smokey incense aroma with a slight hint of that honey-like beeswax scent which helps mellow out the smokiness and balances all of the notes beautifully.

It truly is a unique fragrance and one I highly recommend trying, and I hope you love it as much as I do.



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