MAKING SCENTS: The Spring Collection

MAKING SCENTS: The Spring Collection

After a long, dreary winter full of dark and cloudy days, I'm excited to share with you our Spring Candle Collection!


When I think of Spring, I think of gorgeous flowers, trips to the farmer's market, and how the smell in the air is fresh and energizing. These are the moments of the season I wanted to capture to help you welcome Spring into your home.

Meet The Scents 

The Flower Garden


Bloom: gardenia + grapefruit

Bloom is a soft, floral forward scent with notes of gardenia, jasmine, white lilies, and sweet grapefruit. I love burning this gorgeous floral scent at any time of day and is beautiful in any room.

At first sniff, the gardenia and jasmine notes are strong, yet you get the sweetness  (not the actual scent) from the grapefruit. As it burns the vanilla and sandalwood slowly mellow out all of the florals to create a soft, balanced, and beautiful floral fragrance.

If you like a soft floral situation, Bloom is the candle for you.


The Farmer's Market


Heirloom: tomato leaf + lemon

Heirloom is the ultimate kitchen candle. It is spicy, herby, and a little bit addictive. I love to light Heirloom in the kitchen in the morning and early afternoon. 

When you first smell Heirloom you are met with the spicy tomato vine and fresh lemon. As it burns for a bit, the jasmine and greener notes meld with it to create a most intoxicating fragrance. 

If you love the smell of tomato leaves and vines and fresh herbs you will love this aroma. But be warned... You will become obsessed!


The Breath of Fresh Air


Bergamotto: calabrian lemon + lilac

Bergamotto is a citrusy, sunshiny, slightly floral fragrance that fills the air with a sweet and refreshing fragrance that is sure to make you smile. I love burning Bergamotto from morning to early evening. This energizing scent is perfect in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.   

At first sniff you smell the bright aroma of soft citrus. As it burns, the lemony notes are mellowed out by soft lilac, juniper, and a fresh sea breeze to create the most delightfully happy and well rounded lemon scent I've ever had the pleasure of smelling. 

If you want to bring some sunshine into your home, you definitely need Bergamotto.


Happy Spring!

xoxo, Lauren🤍



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