May Favorites: Bringing the Indoors Outside

May Favorites: Bringing the Indoors Outside

Now that we are approaching the middle of May and the weather is starting to warm up, I've been thinking of ways to make our front porch a little more inviting this spring and summer.

Here's what I have in mind.

Shed a little light on the subject...

I prefer candlelight when sitting outside at night. Because of this I have quite a few lanterns of all sizes on our porch. I really don't need anymore, but one of these would look cute on our table. And once you have one what's ten more, right? If you need some larger ones I love these. Bonus - they come in a few sizes which makes them perfect for creating a little lantern-scape. (Is that a thing?)

Bring the indoors out...

Dress up your table and chairs with outdoor friendly pillows and tableware that mimic your indoor decor. I prefer using lots of black, white, and cream tones for the decor and let the flowers bring the color.

  • Dishes At first glance they look like stoneware!
  • Placemats These are adorable.
  • Napkins I love these for everyday use. They come in multiple colors, have a more relaxed look and are easy to care for. Perfect for outdoor dining.
  • Pillows Because your back deserves a comfy cushion. 

Bring in the color...

Brighten up all of those neutrals with your flowers and plants. Pick a color palette and have fun!

I have never met a flower, or a color, I didn't like, but for my porch I have to have lots of bright red geraniums. Any time I try something new I miss them, so red geraniums it is.

Bye, Bye Bugs...

It's no fun being eaten alive by mosquitos when you're trying to have a nice relaxing night out on your porch or patio. If you hate using mosquito repellent as much as I do, try my recipe for a homemade mosquito spray using essential oils.

Looking for a replacement for those old school citronella candles? Try our Morning Light candle. With notes of lemon, lavender, citronella, and eucalyptus the fragrance is fresh, bright, and a bit more modern. And, I bet the large size jar would fit right inside that lantern I don't really need😉.   

Happy planning, planting, and decorating! Talk to you soon.





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