September Favorites: Reset + Refresh

September Favorites: Reset + Refresh

After a summer season full of hot temps, longer days, lots of travel and outdoor time, and forgotten routines; I like to use this time of year as a reset button. A time to start fresh, making way for the new season ahead. Here are a few ways I'll be refreshing my routine to bring some balance back into my daily life.


Take time to exercise.

Making time to exercise a few times a week will not only help you boost your energy and think more clearly, it will also get you back into a routine. With the days getting shorter on top of having more obligations than during the summer months, this is key to helping you feel less overwhelmed.

Create a self-care routine.

This will ensure you are creating a bit of time everyday to take a breath and focus solely on yourself. It can also help your skin and hair get back into shape after a summer of sun, sand, and salt water! It can be as small as a weekly face mask or DIY manicure, to starting a daily yoga practice. (Bonus for yoga doubling as your exercise!)

Learn something new, but make it fun.

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit? Or, maybe you'd like to perfect your baking skills. No matter what it is, make sure it is fun for you. Not only will it wake up your brain, it will also dedicate time to doing something just for you.

Create coziness. 

Starting a nighttime routine that invites joy and relaxation is important for creating balance after a busy day. Put down your phone, turn on some music, light some candles, cook a tasty dinner, and spend some time with your favorite people. It's the perfect way to unwind.

Need some candle recommendations? Here are a few of my favorite scents to create a cozy atmosphere...

  1. Ember - With notes of smokey vanilla and birch, this warm fragrance screams cozy.
  2. Cashmere -  Notes of cashmere musk, tonka bean, amber, and sandalwood create a sophisticated and warm aroma that works well for both a cozy night in or for setting the mood when you host a dinner party for friends and family.
  3. Midnight Forest - Warm amber, cedarwood, and palo santo mingle with cool terracotta and red clay to create a complex aroma that is both cozy and intriguing. 

Happy September! Talk to you soon!!

xoxo, Lauren

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