Gift Guide: Scorpio Season

Gift Guide: Scorpio Season

Welcome to Scorpio season! This water sign, ruled by Mars, is known to be the dark, mysterious, intense, and brooding sign of the zodiac. But did you know they are loyal and committed to their friends and family (and very protective), have a strong sense of intuition, are truly magnetic, and can keep a secret like no other?

I chose the items below to help you to get in tune with your intuition and take advantage of that strong, independent scorpion energy.


Both the Black Magic and Onyx candles are dark, mysterious, and deeply intriguing scents. Black Magic has a deep floral aroma, while Onyx is a hypnotic blend of black licorice, honey, and warm woods.


Our Dusk Beaded Wrap will help you do just that, and more! The combination of hematite, pyrite, and smoky quartz will help bring strength, clarity, and balance to any situation so you can create your own reality and manifest your dreams. Who doesn't want that?


Want to strengthen your intuition? Try our Mystic Crystal Set. This set of crystal quartz and amethyst will help you cleanse, clear, and protect your energy as well as help bring clarity, wisdom, and increased intuition. 


I asked my favorite Scorpio, my husband Shea, for his candle picks for the season. He chose two of his favorites, our Midnight Forest and Vintage.

 Happy Birthday to all you Scorpios out there! Talk to you soon!!

xoxo, Lauren


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